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Why almost everyone wear sunglasses will look more attractive? British Art and design of Nottingham senior lecturer at Trent University Vanessa Brown have done research in this area, she explores the relationship between sunglasses and our modern sense of "cool" and the cultural and psychological. An email in science America inside, Brown describes her research results -- why most of us in the shadows look better. Because the sunglasses does give you the malformations of the face look better. Take a pair of sunglasses, you face it immediately symmetry! Black lens cover your eyes around some asymmetry place, and also have a facial attractiveness study shows that there is a definite relationship between our perception of beauty and the symmetric two.

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Now is the rainy season, a lot of people have encountered rain cat and dog, even if the wiper to scrub, driving line of sight and the car still can not see in front of the distance. Recently, a lot of people in the forwarding Micro message, said driving in rainy weather can improve eye wear sunglasses, which in the end Is it right? Really? Now it is raining outside, I will use this to wear sunglasses hands do a test, have a look in front of the line of sight will really will have some changes. Through observation I found one of the largest is the view outside really become a little weak, not just so dazzling, the other is in front of me the picture becomes some soft. Why the change? To this end, we interviewed a Lishui Central Hospital, Dr. Chen Xuyang, he said the rain to wear sunglasses to drive more clear, probably because they wear with polarized sunglasses.

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Lishui Central Hospital Chen Xuyang attending the rainy day can improve sight words, only polarizer a, the other does not improve, but, polarizer can filter some of the reflected light messy, by increasing the contrast sensitivity to improve our eye sight. Doctor Chan said the day it rains, because light water will produce light scattered, sunglasses can filter out the reflected light, a polarizer, although a bit dark, but it seems there will be improved to some extent, however, he does not advocate all wear. Chen Xuyang rainy days, you really have to wear sunglasses to improve line of sight, could only wear a polarizer, and in the evening not wearing polarizer, because the night itself sight on the dark, wearing sunglasses you sight will become more dark, the reaction speed will drop. Doctor Chan said, if you really need to wear, can choose the polarizer gray.

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In addition, Doctor Chen said sun glasses are generally divided into the sun mirror, light colored sunglasses and special use sunglasses three, special use sunglasses always has strong shading and anti ultraviolet function, with polarization functions, mainly used for driving, skiing, fishing and other activities, the price is relatively higher, we must pay attention to identify in the choose and buy when. Chen Xuyang when we separate from the side to see, this piece of transmitting light, this picture can also through light, when we put the two overlapped up, we can see the whole black out, through the test, we can identify the two pictures are polariscope. Rainy day wearing polarizer although to a certain extent, can improve the sight, but the road of our city mountain complex, slippery when wet, we still have to careful driving, safety first.